Friday, December 22, 2006

Customers for Life - Carl Sewell

I'm into management books these days.. may be a bit of overdose. I've decided to switch back to fictions with immediate effect..

Another management book with a simple and straight forward way of telling the readers that there is nothing more important to business that a satisfied and happy customer.

With his simple way of narrating his own experience in transforming his Cadillac dealership to the second largest in US, he explains the steps he has taken to ensure customers are returning to him over and over again. Though the story is about a car dealership and operations, the story behind an excellent customer satisfaction is no different in any industry.

His steps and ideas explained in each chapter and the check point at the end , is a must read for every individual facing a customer directly or indirectly. By taking inputs from his customers, employees and the supplier , he develop an operation which is rated as the best in the US by agencies. As he says, you have to borrow the best practices observed in every industry , from hotel to insurance and try to implement the same in your own operations, so that you do not have to re-invent the same.

I liked his idea of removing customer service dept and inspectors, under promise and over deliver , measure everything you do etc etc.. He does everything in its minute detail thus ensuring it is improved at every level.

This book will help you in looking into your own operations and makes you to realise the importance of re-aligning your operations towards customer (though every company claim to do so)..

Customers for Life
by Carl Sewell
Publisher : Currency Books
210 pages

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