Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Voices within - Smt Bombay Jayashri , Sri T M Krishna with Mythili Chandrasekhar

There are many books on the carnatic form of classical music. Many in the technical or educational form and many in biographical or memoirs. The last book , if I remember correct, was on M S Subbalakshmi , which created lot of interest in the music lovers. Here is the latest on the carnatic music arena. However, with a lot difference.

Two prominent artists from the carnatic music scene have joined to bring out an amazing book called "Voices Within". They would like to call it as the first coffee table book on classical music
This book reflects upon 7 stalwarts of carnatic music, who not only stood out by exceptional talent , but by their contribution in changing or shaping the carnatic form of classical music to its present state.

What is impressive about the whole book is its simplicity. No detailed biographical incidents, no typical carnatic jargons , no interviews by peers or 'shishya' and no unwanted glorification. They are able to bring out the distinctive personality of each individual in those few lines. One caricature essay, an incident here and there , few rare photographs and few recollections. That's all you find here. By the end of your reading , you have the picture of the person in your mind, etched permanently.

It was indeed an easy reading , with lot of insights to the individuals who to many are the visionaries of music from the yesteryears.

There was enough curiosity among the music lovers about this release and it had ample positive reviews and talks on the press even before the formal launch. Few interviews with Krishna and Bombay Jayashri were also been published. They have done justice to the task taken upon themselves. This indeed is a positive step and surprisingly, it is not been brought out by the music historians but by the practitioners themselves.

It is also nice to see the book has come out in a very pleasant styling, printing and quality of paper.
Voices within
Authors : Smt Bombay Jayashri , Sri T M Krishna with Mythili Chandrasekhar.
Published by : Matrka
Price : Dont ask me !!

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