Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Mohsin Hamid

I picked up this book at the landmark as it was kept under the 'recommended' section along with Paulo Coelho's book. Written by a Pakistan born US based author and the recommendation made me buy this book.
Written at the backdrop of the 9/11 bombing and the changes in the world order there after is the backdrop of this very ordinary novel. Written as a first person narration by young Changez, who is from Lahore, Pakistan, studied at the Princeton University ( the author himself is studied there) and get a lucrative job at a financial consulting firm. The story of his relationship with beautiful but melancholic Erica, and the typical corporate life takes a definitive turn after the eventful attack on US. The personal trauma of what is happening at his home town ( this is when the terrorists made an unsuccessful attempt on Indian Parliament House and the followed up military concentration and movement towards the Indo-Pak border ) and his demanding job makes him to abandon his job and the relative financial fortune in the US , to return to him home town.
It is written as it being told to a US stranger in Lahore and he try to bring in some kind of twist to the story at the end ( there is no reason or justification). Overall I find this very ordinary read and not worthy of recommendation.
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Written by Mohsin Hamid ( English , Pakistan born)
Penguin Books
187 Pages
Rs 295/-

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Stephen said...

I was walking past the book shop in Victoria, London and this book was the centre display in the window. The provocative title caught my eye and then the author's name suggested to me that this book may have been written by a terrorist or an Islamic extremist. I bought this book because the title and the author's name attracted me, I like books that challenge opinions.

I agree with your review and like you I shall not be buying another book written by Mohsin.

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