Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This I believe - an A to Z of a Life by Carlos Fuentez

This I believe, is a statement. There could be different, individual views and opinion on everything discussed. But Carlos Fuentez writes with the conviction, which gets across to the reader in all its delicacies.

A collections of essays categorised under A to Z ,as the name suggests , Fuentez discusses various topics on Cultural, Art , Writing, His family, Economics and history each of them demonstrates his deep involvement and understanding of the topics.

Written by a popular latin American novelist, the style and writing is as easy as reading a fiction by him. He gives the same amount of detachment, while writing about his young son ( who is no more) , about his wife and his personal issues as he write about Mexico, Shakespere or faulkner. The same intensity, while discussing the socio-cultural issues of Mexico and similar Latin American Countries.

His writings about the art and literature are dealt with more serious analysis and introspection. Bunuel , Falukner , Shakespere, Balsac, Kafka and others are looked at as a fellow writer who draws inspiration from their works and efforts and it is interesting to observer, how the erstwhile generation writers influence the present day genious. I have always been curious on these observations. As in the case of Milan Kundera, Fuentez also gets into the details of the first ever novel ( or at least , I believe so) of Cervantez "Don Quixote" and its structure as a novel.

There are many times, the books tends to be towards autobiographical and philosophical. However, while he is on the topics related to culture and religion( Christ , God etc) we see a different writer, who looks at the this more objectively. For example, he says the resurrection is signifying the emancipation of human kind as a whole and not the resurrection of Christ the individual.

This is an extreamly interesting book I have read in recent times and I strongly recommend this to all.
352 Pages

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