Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Homecoming - Harold Pinter

I'm not a great reader of play and drama styled literature. I prefer to see them perform as they are meant to be written for performance. I haven't had any great read of screenplay or literature written for theatre performance.

I haven't had much of read of Harold Pinter either. Having got a chance to come across few of his works, I have decided to make a go at it. The homecoming, supposed to be one of his strong works and the most popular.
Ted, a University Professor in the US and Ruth, his wife for 6 years are coming to his ancestral home in UK. His father , uncle and brothers are still staying at this place ( a rather all-male household). A traditional working class family ( butchers and taxi drivers ) life , where the over educated academic brings his wife for the first time and the reactions from the family members are the theme of the play. Very surrealistic or satirist way of looking at the middle class family values. Every characters behaves as if unguided by the writer, given freedom to be on their own self. The deep down real personalities are out in the open causing disturbance to the very existence of family values.

I understand that this is an extremely popular stage play and a performance view can help me to understand this work better. I am determined to read more books of this writer.

The Home Coming
Harold Pinter
Eyre Methien
82 Pages

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