Friday, November 06, 2009

The Professional - Subroto Bagchi

Most of the management and career oriented books are originated from the US. While I agree with the ideas in general, they at times differ from the established social and moral point of view in these part of the world. The social environment, the education and upbringing , the moral standards and ethical view points are different from other places and that makes these books irrelevant in these environment.

Subrato Bagchi , co-founder of Mindtree, has brought out a good book, explaining the nuances of being a professional to the young Indian working population. Citing examples from the daily walk of life, and from the field familiar to us, he examines various aspects of a professional behaviour and conduct. Without getting into management or personality development jargons , usually found in such books, this book have a feel of one to one communication. The language is simple and straight forward, easy to understand and the examples are easy to relate to from an Indian context.
However, the book tends to be a bit preachy ( as he himself admit in the foreword ) at times. Besides, the second half of the book reads like a 'business conduct guidelines' of a company.

Very good book for every new professionals, for shaping up their career, and for the experienced peopl ein their respective field to look back and make amends wherever necessary.
The Professional
Subroto Bagchi
Penguin Books India
217 Pages
Rs 399/-
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