Friday, December 25, 2009

By Line - V K N

Published soon after his demise, in 2004, this is a collection of stories and various articles written in periodicals during the last decade of 20th century. Most of the writings are his political commentary over the national issues, mainly focussing on the Indian Naitonal Congress and the then ruling BJP and the government. Attired with his usual sense of humour, he observes the news events through his inimitable style.

There are a large junk of articles on the sports, covering cricket, tennis and some of the regional athletics events. Even here, it is the news beyond the obvious is interesting him. The social , economical and political issues are commented upon through the style and writing known from VKN. Being, set in the period of 1990s, one will have to have a fair idea of the socio-political scene of the country to appreciate these writings. While it has all the characteristic style of VKN - multi lingual writing, the contrived translation which he is famous for, and the satiric humour are in abundance - it is not as great a read, compared to his novels.


By Line ( ബൈ ലൈന്‍ )


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168 Pages

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