Monday, June 11, 2012

ജാഗ് രഹോ - Aniyan Madambu

Aniyan Madambu was once active in the Radio circuit with many radio plays written and directed by him. I understand, that he had also directed few for the local gatherings, be at the schools, libraries or temples. Like many , he too disappeared from the scene busying himself with his personal /family life. It is after a long time that he is attempting to get back to his long lost skill. As the introduction says, this book came into light after an incident at the famous Melpathur Auditorium of Guruvayur Temple and was written at the same venue.

Threading the path of the life and disintegrating social fabric, in the middle part of the twentieth century with the decay of a temple and those who live around the temple surroundings. The old Namboodiri priest 'Musamburi' , the temple supporting ( kazhakam) Varrier family, the Edakka exponent Marar , Nambisan and other representatives of the temple community goes through the decays of their own life as well as the temples ( or the society in general). Built upon the pathos of these struggling families and the exploitation of the others of these simpletons are the theme of this short novel.
ജാഗ് രഹോ (Jag Raho) ( 2012 )

Aniyan Madambu

Samrat Publishers

79 Pages

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