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പ്രണയത്തിന്റെ മൂന്നാംകണ്ണ് - K V Mohankumar

Dropping off his education, in search of 'nirvana', the ultimate truth , Rahulan starts his journey away from his dear and near. He need to find a Guru, who could guide him to the path of 'nirvana'. At home, in Muchiri, the preparation of his return, as 'graduate' is in full swing. His father was working for the biggest trader of the port. Upon his death, Rahulan and his mother was living under the protection and support by the Trader. Jabala, the daughter of the trader is pursuing her love for Rahulan and their wedding is on the cards, awaiting the triumphant return of the boy after his studies. He is expected to lead the team and the ship on its scheduled journey and Jabala, preparing to join him on his right side. However, the wait is of no positive consequences. Rahulan had different plans. He is now a wanderlust, in search of the path to 'Buddhahood', seeking direction in his path to nirvana and looking for someone who will lead him there. His journey ends at a 'black-smith' girl, who takes him through the spiritual journey of 'ultimate love and desire' interpreting this as the union of souls and bodies in the supreme coherence of power, through which you approach the divinity and 'nirvana'. In completion of her prescribed task of guiding him through this phase, she return to her folds, saying all that is to be learned in the 'paths of 'tantra' is now been imparted to him and hehas to fend for himself. Rahulan continues his travel through the world for the final salvation and the one-ness with the universe. In this phase of his life, he continue to meet people whom he was encounters in his pre-yogic days, including his mother ( who dies in his hand, savouring the last drops of water poured by him) and finally Jabala herself, Captaining the ship on his absence.

The book is inspired by 'tantric Buddhism', and an attempt to merge the mystical and spiritual world of Buddha to the world of  'Osho'. At one side, the quest for 'nirvana' and on the other the 'liberation of self through fulfilling the desire of the physical body through the five sensory organs'. The premise and the context of the book is interesting.

I would like to look at the book ( and his writing) in two parts. The Two parallel tracks he was trying to carry through the book, with a possible and predictable convergence. The parts of Muchiri, with ever waiting 'soul mate', his mother and the port and trade community in general was beautifully written. On the other part, the one with Rahulan's quest for 'nirvana' and the resulting spiritual 'endeavor' in general wasn't as free flowing. At many places it felt forced and superficial. The inner turmoil, the constant doubt on himself and the path he has chosen, the uncertainty regarding the 'Guru' and 'karma' ( in the real sense of work) oriented learning of the 'truth' instead of 'dhyana' oriented approach etc are written and accounted very well. How ever, the tight narrative, to me looses its sheen, when it comes to the 'sensory love', the one-ness of body and soul, the spiritual emancipation of the desires, living the physical and sensual life to the extreme under the guise of mystical reunion of  the plough and the land ( a metaphor appear through out the book ): while it looked good as a theme, it wasn't very appealing in the end.

K V Mohankumar , IAS Officer and presently the District Collector of Kozhikode. He is not new to literature, having published many books already. I haven't read any of his previous books. From what I seen in this book is that he is good at his work. Though the theme he choose to explore is a bit vague and in the end did not deliver to the promise it created at the beginning, the parts of Muchiri and parallel track were beautifully written.

പ്രണയത്തിന്റെ മൂന്നാംകണ്ണ്  ( 2012 )

K V Mohan Kumar

D C Books

184 Pages
The Hindu, Penmai


ചിന്താലേഖ - A document of my thoughts said...

The leaves a lasting imprint in mind. My haunting concepts too. At the same time, there is something missing.

ചിന്താലേഖ - A document of my thoughts said...

"പ്രണയത്തിന്റെ മൂന്നാംകണ്ണ് leaves a lasting imprint in mind. My haunting concepts. At the same time there is something missing too