Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Ice Cream maker - Subir Chowdhuri

Another mini sized management book in the genre of Fish! , Who moved my cheese.. This book is written as a story of a local Ice cream maker realizing the important of quality in all phases of life. Mr.Chowdhury illustrate how quality should be the integral part of a corporate / individual's culture. Pete, the manager of the regional ice cream company, determined to sell his ice creams to the large retail chain, Natural food. After repeated unsuccessful attempts by its sales team, and typical survival pressure from the boss, he has taken up the task to find out the reason of their failure to impress Natural Foods. From the conversation with Mike, Natural Foods Manager, Pete understands how they excelled in their business by embarking quality as a mission and by listening to their customers and employees. He learns the LEO principle ( Learn , Enrich and Optimize) from Mike and how it is part of every employee's life.

This book offers the essential business lessons on listening to your own people and customers in sustaining a quality product and services. This is a must read for every businessman every manager and every individual.

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Title : The Ice Cream Maker
Author : Subir Chowdhuri
Publisher : Random Books
No of Pages : 115
Price : Rs 125

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