Sunday, December 24, 2006

World Trade Center - The Movie

Any disaster, be it natural like the tsunami , earthquake etc, or man made ( negligence , or planned ) causes so much damage the the materials and to humans. The indirect damage, in terms of personal losses to the family and friends is even more saddening and this part of the story never appears in the press or in discussion. Everything is forgotten by the people so soon as they are back from the shock , into their own struggle in life. Media discusses this in detail until another news takes over from this.

Watching the movie " World Trade Center" of Oliver Stone, brought back these memories to me. Behind every disaster news , you find enormous amount of pain , losses and sacrifices by many people. Among the 3000 odd lives ended on the dreadful day , includes more than 300 ( I guess 343 ) of New york Firemen, Police men and others who were involved in rescue mission. Only 20 people were saved from the rubbles and John McLoughlin and William Jimeno of the Port Authority Police Dept were the 18th and 19th of them.

There are no admirable moments of brilliance in any of the departments be it acting or in the direction. Also the films drags a bit in the mid-time. What is important is that this movie is focused on the courage and survival of the trapped men and their family and friends. There was no focus on the heroism or on the visual effects.

It made me think about all those people who are at the receiving end, which ever geography they belong.

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