Monday, February 26, 2007

33 Strategies of War - Robert Greene

Here is another very interesting book from Robert Greene. Like his earlier books "Art of Seduction" and "48 Laws of Power", "33 Strategies of War" is well researched and well written book. If you guys are familiar with his earlier books, you can expect the same styling and method in this book too. As the name suggests, this time he take on the research on war strategies and the book is full of examples from history and quotes from literature. The methodology of example , interpretation and the key elements are as he is known to us with his earlier books.

Examples from Sun-Tzu , Japanese Samurai masters , Machiavelli, Hannibal, Caesar and Napoleon to the latest 911 , he has enough to quote from the history. This is not only a book on real warfare, but it is applicable in our corporate and personal life. Examples are from Samurai fighters, political leaders, European aristocrats , World war , New guerrilla war fare and movies.

You can dispute and debate the examples and the interpretation, but can not ignore the facts being discussed. You will have to use the appropriate strategy depending upon the time, your enemy , the social and political situation. There are many places you can attribute the situations to the current world.

One of the best non-fiction book I have read in recent times and demands a deliberate slow reading. It had taken me almost a month for me to finish this 450 pages.

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