Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Volver - Pedro Almodavor

It has been a while since I watched a movie worth a mention. I am happy that my 2 hrs on my last weekend did not go waste on some trash. 'Volver' is already a much talked about movie and won a nomination for Penelope Cruz for best actress. It had also won many distinctions at the Cannes Film Festival, which I consider one of the best film award, despite occasional HOLLYWOOD take over.
Predominantly a female cast, the movie is is a story of women of three generation. Raimunda ( Cruz )'s life changes after an accidental murder of her husband by the hand of her daughter. Trying to cover up this and her attempt to dispose the body , and the parallel story about her parents death and the rumour of her mother's ghost appearing , the new Russian worker in her sisters house etc are all adds up to the melodrama.
Very personal and intense story and very well knit by Pedro Almodavor. Penelope Cruz stole the show with her very matured and controlled acting. A crisp and well written screen play added with the directorial brilliance of Pedro Almodavor makes this a truly enjoyable movie.

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