Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Undercover Economist - Tim Harford

We are witnessing one of the fastest changing era. Especially, this side of the planet where I'm in. You can be a supporter or a critic of this phenomenon but you cant escape the same. Look around you, the landscape is changing every day. Newer buildings newer roads and more and more shops and super markets and vehicles. Added to this is pollution, corruption , crime and poverty. This book is about all that and is from an economist.

This very well written book by Tim Harford looks at these common things that is changing our lives from an economists view point and takes us through the complex economic affairs in his simple language. From the cost of coffee at the railway station bar to the cost of insurance and from environment to Gobalisation he discusses vast subjects. There are no jargons or theory used and there are no major charts or graphs to confuse th reader. Neither does he gets into the serious microeconomics discussions.

I for one, is not in agreement with some of his opinions on Globalisation , but still enjoyed reading his perspective on the same. While I've not learnt Economics, world commerce and trade always nterested me and and I found this book worth reading.
Little Brown Books
Rs 295
278 Pages

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