Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2046 - Wong Kar Wai

"All memories are traces of tears," the most recognised line from the film is the underlying message of the Wong Kar Wai film "2046".

2046 considered as a sequel to the more recognised "In the Mood for Love". Moving between fantacy ( moving in a train to year 2046 and meeting with androids) and the real life story surrounding a mysterious room 2046 in a hongkong hotel , this movie is around a writer, during the late 60s.

The movie as narrated by the lead charecter, moves around multiple women in his life during his stay at Hongkong and Singapore as a writer. The settings, generally indoors and dim lighted with some soul stirring slow music with subtle style of acting by all charecters was able to get the sense of loss and sadness to me.

Though this movie was in contention for GOLDEN PALM at Cannes, it had not won any notable awards and is generally week and confusing in plot.

There is a detailed review with the storyline is available here from wiki and , critic review from bright lights film journal is here.

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Mariana Quezado said...

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Mariana. I found your blog on the internet. I read some of your posts. This is an interesting one, because I really loved these movies 2046 and In the mood for love. In my opinion, Wong Kar Wai captured an unique humam essence. Love, is all about love and how we deal with it. I have a briefly description about this movie on my blog. Unfortunately, it is in portuguese. Its a kind of letter to a friend describing my impressions about the movie. I can translate it to english.