Saturday, May 02, 2009

Punya Himalayam - P.Chitran Namboodiripad

Travel writing is one genre, which has undergone multi fold changes in style and approach. Unlike the books in the beginning of the previous century, the current generation of readers does not look for descriptions of places, the way to reach there and the writer's personal achievements. Most of them are available at fingertips. The travel has become very simple and affordable. There are abundant of information in the internet and through the television. Hence , travelogues have to go beyond the usual style and should bring something which is fresh and different to the readers. 

I have just finished reading the book writtenby Sri P.Chitran Namboodiripad on various travels ( or should we call pilgrimage) he has undertaken over last 50 years to the unending charms of the himalayas. It has all the wrong things we discussed earlier. The details of train journey, the descriptions on iterenary, the minute details of places of interests and of  travel plans.  It also has the authors personal experiences. Numerous mentions of the arrangements and the various rituals.  This book will be of great help to a person intent to travel to the himalayan temples and places of worship. But for a general reader of travelogue this book does not offer anything substantial.

He is a scholar and his knowledge on our epics and the puranas, along with the other sanskrit writings are evident in his writing. He also has a clear and crisp style of writing.  There are enough quotes from the ancients texts, the local myths of the temples, the stories pertaining to the places and people enriching the wanna be traveller with information.

Having said that,  for the intended readers ( of interest in pilgrimage to Himalayan temples) , this book would be of great help.

Punya Himalayam

P.Chitran Namboodiripad

Current Books, Trissur

160 Pages


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