Friday, May 22, 2009

Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen - Osho

One thing about religious and spiritual texts are that you cant make a summary of them. All these contains age old wisdom, discussed and interpreted by masters in their own way to those who are recipient to them. Hence it would be foolish to quote from these texts, but to ask those interested to read them.

I was reading Osho this time. Walking in Zen , Sitting in Zen is is the collection of 8 discourses delivered by him in the 80s on the subject of Zen in particular and other associated topics in general. These are Osho's responses to various questions and doubts by his disciples and visitors.
I am not getting into the spiritual and philosophical side of the discussion. However, this book has given me some insight on the Zen way of thinking and responses. There aren't many new learning , or any new surprise thought in these pages, which are not known. But some of the interpretation and its explanations were truly revealing , especially on meditation and on God. The language is simple and with lesser of those cliched words typically used by people in this business.

On the curious side, the topic I would now be interested and keen to explore is the contributions of the 'chief follower' or the propagator of some of the masters. The relationship between Ramakrishna and Vivekananda ( where the former's thoughts and ideas were known to people through the lectures and teachings of Vivekananda) , Gurdjieff and Ouspensky , Socrates and Plato , Christ and his apostles. Most of the earlier philosophers or people of great wisdom, did need another person to communicate to the larger mass.

As the book is the collation of his speeches, it had all those silly answers, those jokes ( some great ones, and some pedestrian, but of great relevance to the subject), which makes this an interesting read.
Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen
Full Circle Publishing Ltd
195 Pages

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